Maison Moderne

Founded in 1994, Maison Moderne is Luxembourg’s premier, independent business media outlet.


  • We provide an independent and influential voice in Luxembourg's media landscape through quality journalism and the establishment of Paperjam as one of the country's leading media brands.

  • We are committed to Luxembourg's long-term development. We contribute to societal change and the country's international standing.

  • Through Luxembourg's leading business club, we bring together the communities that move the country forward 

  • We are media industry pioneers

  • We ensure profitability to guarantee independence



Towards a modern Luxembourg with the country's leading independent media company:

Challenger today, leader tomorrow.


Editorial Line


  • Maison Moderne is an independent publisher and does not serve partisan, political, trade union or religious interests. 

  • We are committed to Luxembourg’s modernisation and international standing with a perceptive, constructive and open-minded outlook on national issues and business life. We love to broadcast our successes, but we also like to learn from our mistakes, our failures and excesses. 

  • Our editorial line is resolutely democratic, European, and economically and socially liberal. It is neither revolutionary nor conservative but belongs firmly within the progressive camp.




Mike Koedinger, Francis Gasparotto , Etienne Velasti

Executive Committee and its Advisors


CEO : Geraldine Knudson (14.09.2020)

CFO : Etienne Velasti 

Advertising Director: Francis Gasparotto 

Publishing Director: Mike Koedinger

Creative Director: Jeremy Leslie 

Director Paperjam Club: Julien Delpy 

Agency Director: Mathieu Mathelin 

Chief Digital Officer: Viktor Dick 


Board of Directors


President : Mike Koedinger

Members : Marie-Jeanne Chèvremont-Lorenzini,

Pascale Kauffman, Daniel Schneider


HR Manager : Anaïs Bouillet

Administrative Manager: Sylvia Leplang

Digital Project Manager: Meryem Alamy

Distribution Manager: Kévin Thirion

IT Manager: Matthew Dixon


Editor-in-Chief Paperjam : Thierry Raizer

Editor-in-Chief Delano : Duncan Roberts

Editor-in-Chief Archiduc : Céline Coubray

Managing Editor Paperjam Guide & Data Operations Manager: Sarah Macri

Desk editor Paperjam : Jennifer Graglia

Desk editor Delano : Aaron Grunwald

Chief of Publishing City and Flydoscope : Muriel Dietsch, Agathe Goisset

Head of Programming : Julie Lhardit

Event Manager : Magali Larese-Capo


Head of Art Direction : Vinzenz Hölzl

Head of Production : Stéphanie Poras-Schwickerath

Head of Client Management : Emmanuelle Thivollard

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